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Working groups for individual areas of change formulate suggestions for new projects to fulfil the objectives of the RIS SMR. Suggestions for new projects are drawn up and subsequently presented to the Steering Committee. The objective is to ensure interconnectedness and co-operation between the different groups, and between all other constituent elements in the RIS SMR ecosystem. Groups meet up at least twice a year, during which time their composition may change.

The working groups of the RIS SMR meet up periodically. To get a plan for a project discussed, it is necessary to fill out a project fiche and send it to the head of the working group a week before the meeting. The working group will discuss the project plan – and if it is favourable received, the plan will be presented to the Steering Committee. In the reverse case, a recommendation to rework the suggested plan is formulated and sent to the submitter. The reworked plan is then discussed once again at the next meeting of the working group.